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JungnangㆍSurak ↔ Incheon Airport

(Seoul Ring Expressway)
Real-time location guide
Departure StandbyMangu Station(07771)
Departure StandbySangbong Station(07003)
Departure StandbyJunghwa Station(07108)
Departure StandbyMeokgol Station(07104)
Departure StandbyTaereung Station(11103)
Departure StandbyGongneung Station(11161)
Departure StandbyHagye Station(11835)
Departure StandbyJunggye Station(11834)
Departure StandbyNowon Station(11832)
Departure StandbyMadeul Station(11830)
Departure StandbyNoil Elementary school(11827)
Departure StandbySurak Terminal(11863)
Passing byUijeongbu IC(92616)
Passing byYangju IC(68604)
Passing byGoyang IC(92618)
Passing byIlsan IC(92619)
Passing byJayuro IC(92620)
Passing byGimpo IC(41612)
Passing byNew Airport TG(42994)
Passing byNorth Incheon IC(90617)
Passing byYeongjong Grand Bridge(92644)
Passing byAiprot entrance JC(92606)
Passing bySinbul IC(92609)
Passing byGS Gas Station(92570)
Departure StandbyIncheon Airport T1(92601)
Passing byIncheon Airport T2(92701)
3m42sIncheon Airport T2 B1F(92702)
27m43sIncheon Airport T1 1F 7A-1(92641)
33m8sGS Gas Station(92646)
Passing bySinbul IC(92610)
Passing byAiprot entrance JC(92652)
Passing byYeongjong Grand Bridge(92630)
Passing byNorth Incheon IC(90618)
Passing byNew Airport TG(42748)
Passing byNo-oji TG(92640)
Passing byNo-oji JC(41996)
Passing byGimpo IC(41613)
Passing byGoyang IC(35683)
Passing byTongilro IC(35684)
Passing byYangju IC(68605)
Passing bySurak Terminal(11689)
40m49sNoil Elementary school(11828)
43m33sMadeul Station(11829)
Coming soonNowon Station(11831)
3m58sJunggye Station(11833)
8m37sHagye Station(11836)
11m16sGongneung Station(11162)
13m13sTaereung Station(11104)
Coming soonMeokgol Station(07103)
3m14sJunghwa Station(07107)
10m53sMangu Station(07417)
Departure StandbyMangu Station(07417)
  • Timetable
  • At the airport
    • The first bus 04:30
    • The last bus 17:15
  • Come to Seoul
    • The first bus 07:10 (ICN T2)
    • The first bus 07:30 (ICN T1)
    • The last bus 20:20 (ICN T2)
    • The last bus 20:40 (ICN T1)
  • Estimated time
    • 90min (Incheon Airport T1)
    • 110min (Incheon Airport T2)
  • Fares
    • Cash/Trans Card : 18,000won
    • Child : 12,000won
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