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Real-time location guide
Departure StandbyCoex City Airport(23801)
passing byYeongdong Bridge(23989)
passing bySeongsu Bridge(23987)
passing byDongho Bridge(23985)
passing byHannam Bridge(23983)
passing byBanpo Bridge(22998)
passing byDongjak Bridge(20987)
passing byHangang Bridge(20996)
passing byYeoi Bridge(20993)
passing byYeoi 2 Bridge(19994)
passing byYeoi Stream IC(19981)
passing byYanghwa Bridge(19979)
passing bySeongsan Bridge(19977)
passing byGayang Bridge(16990)
passing byMagok Steel Bridge(16944)
passing byBangwha Bridge(16938)
passing byNozi IC(41997)
passing byNew Airport TG(42994)
passing byNorth Incheon IC(90617)
passing byYeongjong Bridge(92644)
passing byAirport Gate JC(92606)
passing bySinbul IC(92609)
passing byGS GAS Station(92570)
passing byIncheon Airport T1 - 3F(92601)
Departure StandbyIncheon Airport T2 - 3F(92701)
passing byIncheon Airport T2 -B1F(92702)
Departure StandbyGS GAS Station(92646)
Departure StandbySinbul IC(92610)
passing byAirport Gate JC(92652)
passing byYeongjong Bridge(92630)
passing byNorth Incheon IC(90618)
passing byNew Airport TG(42748)
passing byNozi IC(41996)
passing byBangwha Bridge(16936)
passing byMagok Steel Bridge(16942)
passing byGayang Bridge(16989)
passing bySeongsan Bridge(19976)
passing byYanghwa Bridge(19978)
passing byYeoi Stream IC(19980)
passing byYeoi 2 Bridge(19982)
passing byYeoi Bridge(20905)
passing byHangang Bridge(20889)
passing byDongjak Bridge(20849)
passing byBanpo Bridge(22988)
passing byHannam Bridge(23982)
passing byDongho Bridge(23984)
passing bySeongsu Bridge(23992)
passing byBongeunsa Station(23859)
passing bySamseong Station(23804)
12m16sCoex City Airport(22790)
end of operarionSamseong Station(23804)
end of operarionCoex City Airport(22790)
  • At the airport
    • The first bus 04:05
    • The last bus 21:30
  • come to Seoul
    • The first bus 05:45 (Incheon Airport T2)
    • The first bus 05:20 (Incheon Airport T1)
    • The last bus 23:30 (Incheon Airport T2)
    • The last bus 23:30 (Incheon Airport T1)
  • Estimated time
    • 65min (Incheon Airport T1)
    • 85min (Incheon Airport T2)
  • Fares
    • Adult : 16,000won
    • Ticket Office(Airport) : 15,000won
    • Child : 10,000won
    • ※ The fare for limousine 6103 is 15,000 won, a 1,000 won discount off the normal price, until notice is made.
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